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Education Uncensored, by Laurie Block Spigel
Education Uncensored
by Laurie Block Spigel

A Guide for the Aspiring, the Foolhardy, and the Disillusioned

See more information, including an excerpt, what people are saying about the book, the Table of Contents, and details of buying the book via Paypal. $12.95 plus shipping & handling
A great site for those of you with lots of books you've read: is wonderful, especially if you or your kids go through books faster than you can store them in your apartment.

To start, you enter in the ISBNs of books you've already read and want to swap away to other site members--they can be kids' books, hardcovers, paperbacks, whatever. Then you get a certain number of "credits" to "buy" books from other members. It's a truly community-oriented swap site, so when someone requests one of your books that you've posted, you need to mail it to them within a week or two. When they receive it, you get another 'credit' to pick another book from any member. Your credits are stored and can be used to "buy" kids books or adult books. Then once you've read them, relist them in the system for someone else to "swap" with. You even have the option of printing the postage right on the mailing label (you print those directly from the site) so you don't have to visit the post office. Most books cost about $2.50 to mail (media mail is what they use).
See Novel Action, a cheap online book exchange website.
Students are more motivated when they are involved in choosing their own workbooks or textbooks, so go shopping together. I highly recommend: Bank Street Books (112th St. on Broadway) for grades K-8 – go upstairs to where the teachers go, and the Barnes & Noble's text book annex (on 18th St. on the SE corner of Fifth Ave.) for grades 9-12 -- go into the back room on the ground floor, filled with endless stacks of new and used college and high school texts, but even these may be dumbed down and some might be too simple or boring for you and your child. Also, a first year Latin (or French or Spanish) text will be here just as easily as anywhere else, but probably with more choices to choose from, alongside dictionaries and grammar books and readers and maybe even a comic workbook in that language. I made an annual pilgrimage to one or both of these two stores every fall, spending hours sitting on the floor browsing through one book after another until we found what we liked.

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ERIC - the Education Resources Information Center - is an online digital library of education research and information.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
FirstGov for Kids

Tip: Your proof of homeschooling (letter from the Board of Ed. or your subscription label from a NYCHEA newsletter) will get you an educators' discount card at Barnes & Noble.

Here is a blog of reviews of graphic novels , written by a homeschooler (age 12):

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Step 6 of the Ten Steps to Successful Homeschooling gives tips on how to Research this website, the library, and the Internet for teaching ideas, lesson plans, textbooks, and resources based on your and your child's interests

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The Textbook League publishes reviews of textbooks etc.

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