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Step 7 of the Ten Steps to Successful Homeschooling
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Teaching our children how to learn, and encouraging them to direct themselves, is like helping a starving village grow its own crops in order to feed itself, rather than giving it an overcooked feast that soon vanishes with no more to follow. Instead of subjecting our children to a standardized curriculum, and limiting their learning to the lowest level, we can aspire to a much higher level, and give them an education that is limitless and self-sustaining.
– Laurie Block Spigel, from Education Uncensored

Distance and Correspondence Curricula

If you choose to use a distance or correspondence curriculum, research the library and the Internet and browse through What's Free or Cheap in NYC to enrich this curriculum and make it come to life. Subject-specific curricula are listed at Books and Resources by subject

Read "Judging Books by Their Covers", by noted physicist Richard P. Feynman, about the general quality of school textbooks.

Not all correspondence schools offer accredited diplomas. If this is important to you, check with each individual school to find out if they are accredited in your state.

Here is a brief list of correspondence schools with some comments. More can be found by searching on the Internet. Please email me your comments and additional suggestions for this list.

Pre-K - 12: Christopherus
Pre-K - 12: Oak Meadow
Pre-K - 12: Charlotte Mason
Pre-K - 12: The Well-Trained Mind
K - 12: Kolbe Academy
K - 12: Laurel Springs
K - 12: Clonlara School
K - 12: Texas Tech University
K - 12: Calvert School
2 - 12: University of Arizona
4 - 12: North Dakota Division of Independent Study
9 - 12: The American School
9 - 12: Keystone National High School
9 - 12: Nebraska's High School
9 - 12: North Atlantic Regional High School

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Online Courses

Online Courses new

Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges and Strategies for Success, from the U.S. Dept of Ed

You can browse sites that connect the colleges by subject at DegreeDirectory. LectureFox gives descriptions of the lectures and Academic Earth gives ratings of courses.

More online courses are in web resources listed by subject (see sidebar). For those who wish to create their own curriculum (which I recommend), there is a lot to choose from under each subject.

This is Step 7 of the Ten Steps to Successful Homeschooling
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