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Poems by Laurie

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See also Language Arts: On Poetry for resources when teaching poetry to kids.
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Laurie has been teaching poetry and creative writing to children for most of her life. To find out more about her classes, click here.

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Fairytale Class in the Park

By Laurie Block Spigel

I hear the children laughing as Iím walking through the park.
Their double dutch jump ropes move in ever-larger arcs.
With pads and pencils in my bag I take a seat nearby.
Slowly they surround me and I greet them eye to eye.
Fairy tales and books come out and stories beg for telling,
And we realize we are working in the midst of fairy dwellings.
Tiny winged creatures could be living in the trees,
They could be smaller than a petal and floating on the breeze,
Or spinning on a leaf, or gliding down a blade of grass,
To gather up a drop of dew, or eavesdrop on our class.
Now the children say goodbye and I gather up my things.
Fairies flutter off, on silver fairy wings.
What a perfect place to teach fantasy and lore,
A place of peace, where young imaginations can explore.
At night the fairies gather here to cast their magic glow.
They dance in circles on the grass and put on quite a show.
Come morning they have vanished leaving only fairy dew
And tiny springtime flowers, waiting just for you.