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In these issues you will find:
    Articles of Interest
    Field trip ideas
    Projects you can do at home
    Education and homeschooling in the news
    Books for children, parents, and educators
    Happenings in Laurie's classes
    Examples of student work
    Reviews and opinions
    Inspirational quotes

Learn why New York City is such a fabulous place to homeschool!

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Readers' Comments

You made my day with that first article (The Myth of Grade Level Standards - July 2015). Thank you so much. I know this, but it is so easy to let slip away with all the talk of curriculum, testing etc. Thank you X a million! I also wanted to thank you for those 7 I's I am putting them up on the wall in big letters. Such a great focus for all of us. I thought about it while we were walking the dog with my daughter expounding excitedly on our darling pet's animal nature and habits.

— Veronica Marino, homeschooling parent

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  • February - March 2018
      Animals! Animals
      Lunar New Year
      Winter Crafts
      In the News
  • February 2017
      The Job of the Teacher and Parent
      Classes with Laurie
      February is Black History Month
      Winter is Time to Plan for Summer
      Quote by Clay P. Bedford
  • November - December 2016
      Hands-On Workshops with Laurie
      Using the NY Times with All Ages
      Resources for Teachers and Families in Response to the Election
      Holiday Field Trip
      Holiday Crafts to Make at Home
      Quote by Marie Curie
  • September 2016
      8 Changes We Made After Homeschooling
      Upcoming Fall Classes
      Begin with Poetry
      Homeschooling Help to Start the Year
      Quote by Margaret Mead
  • Vol. VI, Issue 5, December 2015
      Ten Reasons Why Child-led Learning Works
      Holiday Activities in NYC
      Make a Gingerbread House Accordion Book
      Quote by Alfred Mercier
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  • Vol. VI, Issue 4, September 2015
      Getting Ready for the School Year
      Interview on Child-led Learning
      Autumn Apple Activities
      Life Without Instructions Conference
      Hands-On Art History
      Quote by Joseph Campbell
  • Vol VI, issue 3, July 2015
      The Myth of Grade Level Standards
      Six Games to Play Anywhere
      Summer Travel and Field Trips
      Traveling with Kids
      Quote by Henry Van Dyke
  • Vol VI, issue 2, April 2015
      Ten Tips for Teaching History
      Favorite Historical Fiction
      Historical Field Trips
      Make a Timeline
      Quote by Marge Piercy
  • Vol VI, issue 1, February/March 2015
      Improvisation in Jazz and Homeschooling
      Summer Planning
      Black History Field Trips
      Make a Bearden Collage
      Quote by Louis Armstrong
      AERO 2015 Conference
      Life Without Instructions Conference
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  • Vol. V, issue 5, November/December 2014
      Creativity is Essential to Learning
      Visiting Museums with Kids
      Class Dismissed Movie
      Holiday Family Fun - field trips
      Make a Cut-Out Collage
      Quote by Albert Einstein
  • Vol. V, issue 4, October 2014
      Awakening the Senses
      Autumn Field Trips - Apple Season and Leaf-Peeping
      Exquisite Corpse Game
      Quote by Sir Ken Robinson
  • Vol. V, issue 3, June 2014
      Four Myths About Homeschooling
      AERO Conference 2014
      Summercamp and Travel Tips
      Brain Drain Myth
      Berry Picking in Summer
      Quote by Maya Angelou
  • Vol. V. issue 2, April 2014
      Nurturing a Child's Love of Reading
      7 Activities to Develop Comprehension Skills
      10 Book-Related Activities
      Books that Celebrate Spring
      Activities for Spring (Hiking, Birding, Gardening)
      Quote by Strickland Gillian
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  • Vol. V. issue 1, February 2014
      Educating the Whole Child
      Related Articles by Laurie
      Books that Celebrate Winter
      Crafts for the Winter Season
      Quote by Anatole France
  • Vol. IV, issue 6, November 2013
      Review: Pay Attention to the Children
      Meet Sydney Gurewitz Clemens
      Books on Child-led Learning
      Story Activities in NYC
      Make a Heart Map
      Quote by Ben Okri
  • Vol. IV, issue 5, September 2013
      To Choose or Not to Choose - Scheduling in an Over-Schedule World
      The Privilege of Teaching Homeschoolers
      Classes for Homeschoolers
      Paperwork Templates
      Event with Laurie at Different Directions
      Quote by George Bernard Shaw
  • Vol. IV, issue 4, June 2013
      Alfie Kohn Confronts BGUTI
      Peter Gray Explains How Humans Learn
      Summer Road Trip - Mystic
      Make Your Own NYC Summercamp
      Quote by Adlai Stevenson
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  • Vol. IV, issue 3, May 2013
      How to Write a High School Transcript Workshop
      AERO Conference
      Quote by Alexander Graham Bell
  • Vol. IV, issue 2, April 2013
      Seven Poetry Games
      More Poetry Fun
      Poetry Field Trips in NYC
      Quote by William Blake
  • Vol. IV, issue 1, February/March 2013
      Five Games That Develop Listening Skills
      Sound Poems and Books for Children
      Field Trips for Music and Sound
      Make a Musical Instrument
      Quote by Alice Miller AERO Conference 2013
  • Vol. III, issue 6, November/December 2012
      Three Book Reviews - Creating a Student-led Learning Environment
      A New York City Christmas Tour
      Holiday Books for Children
      Make a Petal-Fold Envelope
      Quote by Viola Spolin
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  • Vol. III, issue 5, September/October 2012
      The Fully Engaged Student
      Hawks in Autumn - activities and books
      Make a Flap Book
      Quote by Sylvia Ashton Warner
  • Vol. III, issue 4. July/August 2012
      The Value of Daydreaming
      Summer Fruit
      Seven Things to Do With Maps
      Quote by A. A. Milne
  • Vol. III, issue 3. June 2012
      Playing Catch: A Metaphor for Child-led Learning
      What's a College Education Worth?
      Nautical Adventures and Suggested Reading
      Quote by Louisa May Alcott
  • Vol. III, Issue 2, March/April 2012
      When Does Learning Begin?
      Make Your Child's Reading Primers
      Early Childhood Resources
      Homeschooling Blogs
      Quote by Maria Montessori
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  • Vol. III, Issue 1, January/February 2012
      Building Self-Esteem
      Preventing Winter Burn-Out
      Animals! Animals!
      Animals Exhibits in NYC
      Recommended Animal Books
      Quote by A. A. Milne
  • Vol. II, issue 5, October/November 2011
      Child-led Learning Down Under
      Thanksgiving From the Native Point of View
      Field Trips With Toys
      Make Your Own Board Game
      Jim Hooson in Memoriam
      Quote by Doris Lessing
  • Vol. II, issue 4, August 2011
      Does Homeschooling Prevent Brain Drain?
      Create Your Own Summercamp
      Road Trip to Indians and Caves
      Make a Postcard Accordion Book
      Quote by John Adams
  • Vol. II, issue 3, June 2011
      What is Poetry For? Road Trip to Mystic Connecticut
      Laurie's Favorite Poetry Books
      Make a Word Box
      Quote from Carl Sandburg
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  • Vol. II, issue 2, March/April 2011
      Child-led Learning in the News
      Spring Gardening in NYC
      Books to Help Us Appreciate Nature
      Draw a Map of Your Neighborhood Park
      Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Vol. II, issue 1, January/February 2011
      Play in the News
      Activities for Chinese New Year's
      Children's Books on the Chinese New Year
      Make a Book to Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit
      Planning for Summer
      Quote by Benjamin Franklin
  • Vol. I, issue 10, November/December 2010
      Folktales Teach Global Understanding
      Field Trips Honoring All Faiths
      Books on World Faiths
      Make Islamic Tile Art
      Quote by Deborah Meier
  • Vol. I, issue 9, October 2010
      Is Education Work or Play?
      Autumn is Apple Season
      Apple Books and Activities
      Make a Sculpture from Recycled Objects
      Quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce
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  • Vol. I, issue 8, August/September 2010
      AERO Conference 2010 - review
      Walt Whitman's Birthplace
      Old Sturbridge Village and the Higgins Armory Museum
      Make a Stick and Elastic Book
      Quote by Walt Whitman
  • Vol. I, issue 7, June/July 2010
      Are We Obsessed with Assessment?
      Summer Shakespeare & Suggested Books
      Teaching Fairytales in the Park
      Road Trip: Corning, NY
      Travel Trips for Kids
      Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Vol. I, issue 6, May 2010
      What Motivates a Child to Learn?
      Field Trips to Ancient Egypt
      Suggested Books and Resources
      Make Your Own Papyrus Scroll
      Quote by Krishnamurti
      Laurie Speaks on Homeschooling
  • Vol. I, issue 5, April 2010
      Finding Focus in Homeschooling
      April Field Trip Ideas
      Suggested Reading
      Crystal Wand Workshop
      Make Your Own Crystals
      Quote by Orison Swett Marden
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  • Vol. I, issue 4, March 2010
      Scarred by School
      March Field Trips - Maple Sugaring
      Suggested Reading
      Dada and Collage
      Make a Collage Poem
      Quote by Plato
  • Vol. I, issue 3, February 2010 - Black History
      Homeschooling News from Europe
      Black History Field Trip Ideas
      Suggested Reading
      Art History of Ancient Africa
      Mapping Your Family History
      Quote by Marva Collins
  • Vol. I, issue 2, January 2010 - Sciecne and Art
      The Path of the Teacher is the Path of the Open Heart
      Science in Art
      Poetry and Science
      January field Trip Ideas
      Make Your Own Invention
      Quote by Albert Einstein
  • Vol. I, issue 1, December 2009
      Education Uncensored
      Art History - Kandinsky and Klee
      Outdoor Learning in the News
      Not Wanting to Learn
      December Field Trip Ideas
      Make Your Own Accordion Alphabet Book
      Quote by George Bernard Shaw

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