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Research this website, the public library, and the Internet

Step 6 of the Ten Steps to Successful Homeschooling
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Research this website, the public library, and the Internet for teaching ideas, lesson plans, textbooks, and resources based on your and your child's interests
If you have any questions or recommendations, Ask Laurie.

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The Public Library

The public library system in our area (New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Library) is one of the finest in the world, and part of what makes our city great. Any branch will loan you teaching materials for free, including books, audio books, tapes and CDs, videos and DVDs, and they will deliver them to your local branch.

Homeschoolers are eligible for educator's library cards that allow to you take out a lot more books--up to 100 books and 10 DVDs-- request up to 50 holds, and keep books out for as long as 60 days You will need proof of homeschooling. See details.

If you're late returning items, you can simply renew the books you have borrowed by using your computer or with a phone call (but only up to midnight on the due date -- at 12:01 it's too late). Most books can be borrowed for up to three weeks, longer during the summer if you request it (since so many kids go on vacation they allow an extended borrowing period). Videos are a one-week rental, and include loads of PBS and National Geographic specials, plus great classic films and period movies. We've rented several versions of Hamlet, the miniseries I Claudius, the musical 1776, art history and travel videos to experience other parts of the world, just to name a few. Audio books include readings by great authors and actors (try Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-tale Heart) and you can even borrow Beowulf excerpts read aloud in Old English. You can also find books in other languages. Don't underestimate this incredible free resource!

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Many local libraries have free classes, homework help, storytelling, and more. See the NYPL List of Free Classes and Workshops.

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The Internet

There is an amazing amount of information on the Internet. But be warned: a lot of the things you find there are not always to be trusted. Read the government's website on Cyberethics for Kids.

Evaluate the URL - Uniform Resource Locator. The unique address of any Web document.

Internet Resources

Educational Resources

Government Resources

Recommended Internet Search Engines

SearchEngineWatch has some tips to make your web searches more effective.

Books Online

This is Step 6 of the Ten Steps to Successful Homeschooling
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