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Laurie Block Spigel

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Laurie Block SpigelI hope that you have explored this website and found some assistance here. If you still have questions, please Ask Laurie or contact a support group. If you want personal assistance, I offer a wide variety of consultations and tutorial sessions, by Skype or in person, designed to fit the individual needs of the parent, educator, and student. Included in each consultation is a follow-up e-mail with my recommendations.

For the New Homeschooling Family * Curriculum Consultation * Consultation on Scheduling * Teacher-training for the parent and educator
Consultation and Tutorial Rates
Assessment Consultation (in person only)
Classes and Lectures with Laurie Block Spigel

Contact Laurie via email

For the New Homeschooling Family

  • Understanding the legal requirements
  • How to create and file your IHIP and quarterly reports (required paperwork in NYC)
  • Nontraditional or unschooling paperwork
  • Personal record-keeping
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Curriculum Consultation

  • Designing a curriculum to fit your child’s interests
  • Recommending resources appropriate to your child’s learning level
  • Setting attainable goals for you and your child
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Consultation on Scheduling

  • Helping your family choose priorities
  • Creating a flexible learning schedule you can modify
  • Setting up an organized system of record-keeping that works for you
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Assessment Consultation (in person only)

  • Examining your child’s portfolio of work
  • Advising you of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and how you might proceed
  • Recommending educational resources for your child's interests, strengths and weaknesses
  • Helping to write quarterly reports
  • Cosigning an assessment as a member of a peer review committee
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Teacher-training for the parent and educator

  • Understanding and applying child-led learning for your child or your students
  • Child-led learning techniques and projects for the classroom or your kids
  • Specific NYC resources for you and your students’ or child’s interests
  • How to make your daily life an educational adventure wherever you are
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Consultation & Tutorial Rates:

Please email for rates, available dates, and times.

Peer Review Committee

A peer review committee consists of two or more homeschoolers who can legally sign a year-end assessment for another homeschooler. This service is offered free in most support groups. To obtain this service, request it in midwinter; in June everyone is usually too busy.

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